Challenges in getting client

What are the challenges in getting a client especially in web-based business?
Positive note: on a daily basis mostly every business person has a hand-held device eg; mobile, iPad, laptop; most businesses have a smart-tv in recent years. Let’s say an Frying pan making industrial area, the worksman has an addiction to watch tv while making. Another business – man in a Lions Club member his amount of natural tendency to get fame among the community to impress his ability. If it is a female candidate she will more curious in not showing off one kind to help the young gen. with info freak not mostly for free. Working with them is fun Less marginal fees may be charged. She might become a website addict and wanting to create more websites with information. Her husband must be not worried about spending on websites.
Let’s take Facebook – is not a luxury getting to know Rich people is very very important in her society. social interest is her status and pride.

Introduction of Dignified Social Bonding Culture

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Digital Implementation

Software HOST

Developing a software for your current new business using recent technologies with all efforts of our new staffs and young talented pool of software engineers.

Implementing and HOST’ing that can well adapted into your current setup.

Hardcode’ing your Android application can be sometime’s a difficult task by your own company.

We don’t do or take Outsourcing Projects

  • Defined timeline will be taken into account if not refund of penalty fees applies.
  • Un-finished projects from other companies do not approach.

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Technical Cooking

Immediate & Effective Technology

We produce fresh and young guns straight out of our learning farm. They all fit mostly in all occasions for your business needs.

Project left under pressure to meet the deadlines, our services will come in handy to finish with some satisfaction.

Our services and industry knowledge will be very handy in obtaining excellent feed for your clients.

words of our CEO

” I wouldn’t say we are cheapest among our competitors at the same token we wouldn’t take up any broken and unwanted pieces ” – James



BIRDZ Software Inc.

BIRDZ Software Inc.

Birdz 🦅 aren’t just in the Air they are on the Cloud.

IT is a fast game that changes constantly & you need a service that can ride the crest of the IT wave 🌊 & that’s what we offer, not just building the surf board 🏄‍♂️ but riding it too. We can manage your websites & IT infrastructure for a competitive rate that won’t compromise our service delivery.

We are a premier service in web development from software implementation to It Infrastructure. Providing ERP Software & software implementation our specialty’s. We can build you a website & manage any IT infrastructure you may need, even host on our own servers.

We offer a range of services in a variety of languages from English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu & Kannada to reach a broader audience to help your business. We will consult with you about what is the best & most cost effective way to meet your needs.

We keep you updated on how your sites are preforming with regular updates full of useful insights on your customer base. Although managed services have an ongoing costs we provide value for money for those services. Weather large or small we can find a service that suits you.

So just send us a message outlining what you want & let us consult with you about the best course of action for your business & how we can best help you.